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Life Enrichment

The careful and thoughtful design of Ressam Gardens promotes social interaction and collaboration, offering opportunities for meaningful engagement at every corner. All domains of wellness are considered for our residents and reached through a combination of cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual programming.

Sussex Family Room

A tranquil space for seniors to gather and enjoy music, singing, arts, crafts and other social/recreational programs.

Healthy Mind

The gray room is a quiet space dedicated to stimulate seniors’ minds through various exercises, supervised by experienced staff.

 Gardening Program

Our raised garden beds are an accessible and inclusive way to engage our residents in our therapeutic gardening program, providing meaningful activity and engaging all of the senses.

Smart Technology

Ressam Gardens using cutting edge technology to engage our residents and help stimulate both physical and cognitive health. These activities can be adapted for all ability levels to be fully inclusive.

Green Spaces

Our Green Wall, gardening programs, and green spaces nearby will help connect residents to nature and provide meaningful activity.


The sun room is a spacious open area that holds daily physical exercise like stretching, yoga, and group active games.

Unique Activities

Since no two residents are the same, we offer a wide variety of activities to help support each individual in our community. From excursions, tai chi, woodworking, and even physical activities such as axe throwing.

Walks and Excursions

Our residents enjoy the sunshine through the walkings paths at William Connell Park, pedestrian path to Upper James, and around our building to promote physical and social wellbeing.

Scenic Fitness Centre

An open space for seniors to gather and enjoy some exercise with mobile equipment. Join us Mondays and Wednesday for Sit to be Fit, offered through the Alzheimer Society.

Corral Activity Room

A bright space where residents can enjoy some physical activity through large active games or engage both body and mind through our offering of smart and innovative technology.