Ressam Gardens

An Innovative Memory Care Facility!

Ressam Gardens is an innovative memory care facility that offers a warm, safe and smart home for its residents. This oasis serves daily fresh, delicious and nutritious meals prepared by a talented chef. As far as tenants daily living experience, group gatherings, various hobbies, social events, outdoor activities and exercises are supervised by fully trained health givers. To ensure residents well-being, the facility accommodates an onsite medical centre, a family doctor, a living lab, a pharmacy and many other facilities such as a coffee shop and a local hair dresser. 

Vision Statement

To build and manage a Retirement Home that:

  • Establishes a vibrant and expanding community
  • Resembles a boutique facility that provides a homely feeling environment
  • Alleviates loneliness of seniors and encouraging them to feel at home
  • Implements the highest safety procedures and latest technological advancements of Smart Homes

Mission Statement

To provide a state of the art memory care facility, integrated within a residential neighbourhood, which includes: Smart home devices, on-site medical facilities and highly specialized memory care treatment.

Value Statement

  • Personal vision and mission devoted commitment
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Patience and dedication
  • Nonjudgmental service
  • Vibrant service with extended individualized accommodation

The Team

Nafia Al-Mutawaly


McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Road S, Suite 416A-6, Hamilton, ON L8P0A1
Tel: (289) 689-3516

Roman Horak

IT Director

McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Rd. S, Suite 300A, Hamilton, ON L8P 0A1
Tel: (289) 919-2665

Theresa Horak

Communications Director

McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Rd. S, Suite 300A, Hamilton, ON L8P 0A1
Tel: (289) 919-2665


Millar Alexander

Legal Advisor

120 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 4V2
Tel: (905) 528-1186

Ed Fothergill Mcip, Rpp

Senior Planner

Fothergill Planning & Development Inc.
62 Daffodil Cres., Ancaster, ON L9K 1E1
Tel: (905) 577-1077

Paul Kwiatkoski

Financial Advisor

853 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8M 1L8
Tel: (905) 544-5225