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Dining Services

A Healthy and Balanced Diet

At Ressam Gardens, our dining services strive for resident health and satisfaction. All meals are inclusive and available in the dining room, cooked and presented by our talented team of chefs led by our Executive Chef. We offer two choices of entrée at meal times so that residents can enjoy their preferred meal. Snacks and refreshments are available at all times.


Baking and Cooking Classes

There are many therapeutic benefits to cooking and baking for those living with dementia. Culinary-based programs allow a resident to engage all of their senses, reminisce about old habits and family gatherings, socialize with others, find purposeful activity, and increase confidence and self-efficacy while allowing a everyone to have an end result to display, share, and enoy.

Our baking and cooking classes are run in collaboration with our Culinary and Life Enrichment teams, and offer a wide variety of options. The recipes and experiences will range from home-cooked meals, family recipes shared by residents, Blue-Zone inspired culinary options, elements of the meals we serve in our kitchen, fresh-baked treats to start the week, and more.