Our Story

The Ressam Story

In the summer of 2011, a woman fondly nicknamed Ressam was presented with one of the biggest challenges of her life; an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. For the next 6 years, she would battle the unforgiving disease before peacefully passing in August of 2017. Following her death, Ressam’s son, Dr. Al-Mutawaly, decided that families who were struggling with the same challenges needed a place that could not only support and ensure the safety of their loved ones, but also provide groundbreaking innovation and research that could overpower the disease. Through that passion and determination, Ressam Gardens was born, and has been the center of countless families’ hopes.

Meet the Ressam Gardens Team

General Manager

Susan Donison

Susan is well-known for building strong, high-functioning teams, compassionately leading homes to succeed in times of crisis, and always encouraging fun with everyone she meets. As a nurse, Susan has over 35 years of experience working with seniors and brings extensive clinical knowledge and expertise. 

Susan’s background includes providing direct care in long-term care homes, working as Community Supervisor working in home care, and for the last 12 years focussing on the retirement sector as a Regional Clinical Manager and General Manager.

Susan is always striving to grow and be a life-long learner and most recently completed her certification from the Long-Term Care Administration program. Susan’s passion for seniors is reflected in her person-centred approach and advocacy for vulnerable populations. 

In her free time, you can find Susan trying new recipes, antiquing and listening to classic heavy metal.

Office Manager

Melinda Arquero

Melinda is a seasoned sales and business professional with many years of experience in the senior living industry. Melinda is known for driving occupancy growth and creating urgency approach with the previous company, and a recipient of several awards and recognitions as a Top Performer for three years in a row. Melinda graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from her country in the Philippines and worked in the Senior Living industry in Houston Texas.

In her previous role, she was the Office Manager and Community Sales Director in one of the biggest Senior Living Industry in the US and Canada for 16 years. Melinda is very census driven, she contributed to operational excellence and financial performance and overall success of the community operations. Her passion to work with the elderly comes from her experience in caring for her own parents as they aged. This showed the importance of what she does today and the rewards of interacting with the Greatest Generations.

Ressam Gardens gives her the opportunity to do what she loves to do the most and be a part of the Residents lives and work with the Staff who are as passionate as she is, and she can count on.



Life Enrichment Coordinator

Brenna Connors

Brenna has experience working with the Behavioural Support Ontario network as a recreation consultant and brings expertise in non-pharmacological interventions for people living with dementia.

Brenna is passionate about changing the culture of dementia care and believes in empowering our residents to pursue those hobbies and skills that make them unique. When she’s not at work, you can find Brenna watercolour painting, playing team sports, or hiking with her two dogs, Gnocchi and Libby.

Executive Chef

Steven Khor

Steven Khor comes to Ressam Gardens with a certified Chef de Cuisine and Nutrition Manager designation.

As the Executive Chef, Steven oversees all aspects of the Culinary operation, as well as planning for the future state. He has been involved in various initiatives such as: developing menus while meeting nutrition and standards, recipe and menu innovation, reviewing purchasing product changes, community initiative support and developing processes and educational materials.

Steven firmly believes that food is a path to a healthy lifestyle and is passionate about ensuring our Residents’ dining experience is unique, flavourful and grounded in wellness.

Prior to leading the Ressam Gardens Culinary team, Chef Steven’s love for food and cooking has taken him from his home in Malaysia to around the world such as New York City, Singapore, Bermuda and Canada. This journey has exposed him to a world of ingredients, flavours and cooking techniques.

Director of Wellness

Coming Soon.

Vision Statement

To build and manage a Retirement Home that:

  • Establishes a vibrant and expanding community
  • Resembles a boutique facility that provides a homely feeling environment
  • Alleviates loneliness of seniors and encouraging them to feel at home
  • Implements the highest safety procedures and latest technological advancements of Smart Homes

Mission Statement

To provide a state of the art memory care facility, integrated within a residential neighbourhood, which includes: Smart home devices, on-site medical facilities and highly specialized memory care treatment.

Value Statement

  • Personal vision and mission devoted commitment
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Patience and dedication
  • Nonjudgmental service
  • Vibrant service with extended individualized accommodation