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Care Services

Personalized Support and Wellness Services

Nursing Care

Ressam Gardens offers nursing care that can ensure your loved one’s medical needs are met. Quality one-on-one support is provided by our qualified health professionals daily.

Our core services include a weekly shower, one hour of personal care per day, medication management, portering and hourly checks as part of the experience here in our community.

Communication is a key part in ensuring resident success. Interdisciplinary Care Conferences are arranged at least every six months to address resident needs.

 The Care Plan

As part of the resident-centred experience, each resident goes through a detailed evaluation process beginning with the pre-admission assessment. This provides a starting point for the care plan. Throughout the first few weeks of living at Ressam Gardens, residents will continue to express their needs through further assessments so that their care plan can be detailed and tailored to their individual needs. The complete Care Plan is reviewed by the family and resident  before being approved and signed off on.

Dental Care

Access to comprehensive dental care is an important part of personal care. It is more than just keeping a bright smile; it has a direct impact on our whole health. Ressam Gardens is partnered with Golden Care Mobile Dental Services to provide residents with a range of in-suite dental services. Free consultations are available to all residents upon request. Golden Care works alongside Ressam Gardens to ensure resident’s dental needs are met promptly with their overall health as a key consideration.