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One-of-a-Kind Memory Care Centre Breaks Ground in Hamilton


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. — Ressam Gardens announced that a ground-breaking ceremony will take place at its inaugural site in Hamilton, Ontario on June 13, 2019. The Centre will be the first of its kind in North America and will provide a unique residential experience to those who suffer from dementia. It was designed from the ground up to enhance the well-being of the residents as well as the well-being of their loved ones. Besides the unique building design, a key innovative aspect of Ressam Gardens is that it will serve as a Living Lab for the development and testing of advanced smart systems.  The smart systems will cater to the needs of the growing global population suffering from the many forms of dementia.

The concept of Ressam Gardens was designed and developed by Dr. Nafia Al-Mutawaly, former professor at Mohawk College and McMaster University and current CEO of Microgrid Solutions. “This is the culmination of more than 10 years of planning, design and hard work. It has been a challenging endeavour, but today is a very emotional moment for me as this facility reminds me of my own mother, who passed away of advanced dementia a couple of years ago” said Al-Mutawaly.

“We are extremely proud and fortunate to have this unique and very-much-needed Centre for memory care chose its inaugural site in Hamilton,” said Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of the City of Hamilton. “I am deeply impressed by the innovative approach and the dedication for its resident’s special needs that makes Ressam Gardens stand out from amongst its peers” said Eisenberger.

“The conventional senior residences have a significant ratio of dementia population; yet they are treated no differently from their healthier residents” said Councilor Terry Whitehead. “One of the aspects that I find the most exciting about Ressam Gardens is its partnership with McMaster University that will drive the development of some very exciting and life altering technologies and solutions for this growing and very vulnerable section of our society” said Whitehead.

“We are actively developing with Dr. Al-Mutawaly two technologies that could play a significant role in the early diagnostics and treatment of dementia patients. The prospect of having a Living Lab in our backyard where these technologies could be developed, tested and improved is a dream-come-true” said Dr. Lotfi Belkhir, Associate Professor at the W. Booth School of Engineering Practice and Chair of Eco-entrepreneurship at McMaster University.

About Ressam Gardens

Ressam Gardens is a unique long-term senior residence model that is exclusively dedicated to people suffering from dementia. Instead of the 70/30 split between living quarters and common areas, it opted instead for a 50/50 split that allows more interaction among residents, as well as a greater sense of community and engagement. Also, Ressam Gardens was designed to welcome the translational research and development plus the testing of new smart technologies in partnership with leading Canadian Universities such as McMaster University.

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